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Department of Bioscience

Takashi Ushimaru Professor / Shizuoka
Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Molecular mechanisms of cell proliferation in response to external signals and stressesm including nutrient starvation. Molecular mechanisms of chromosome separation and segregation in mitosis.
Takashi Ushimaru

Hirokazu Kawagishi Professor / Shizuoka
Natural products chemistry, Bioorganic chemistry, Biochemistry
We have been studying biologically active compounds including proteins (lectin, etc.) and small molecules from mushrooms.
Hirokazu Kawagishi

Yoko Kimura Professor / Shizuoka
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
We are investigating protein quality control and stress response using yeast.
Yoko Kimura

Nobuyoshi Shiojiri Professor / Shizuoka
Developmental Biology, Regenerative Medicine
Research in our laboratory focuses on the cellular and molecular events in liver development and regeneration, and on their application to regenerative medicine.
Nobuyoshi Shiojiri

Masakazu Suzuki Professor / Shizuoka
We study the molecular mechanisms for the adaptation of vertebrates to environments, maintenance of homeostasis, reproduction, development of endocrine organs, mainly using fish and amphibians, to understand the diversity and evolution of vertebrates, and further the fundamental biological processes common to all vertebrates. We also intend to apply novel functional molecules to advanced medical and industrial technologies.
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Masakazu Suzuki

Yuichi Takikawa Professor / Shizuoka
Plant Pathology
The main focus of my research is identification and classification of plant pathogenic bacteria, especially on analysing how genetic differences have caused the pathogens to have different host plants and symptoms, and on rapid and easy detection methods of them.
Yuichi Takikawa

Hirobumi Takenouchi Professor / Shizuoka
philosophy, ethics (bioethics, environmental ethics, food and agricultural ethics), and thanatology
Focusing on the correlative relationship between life(bios) and the environment, life and death, and agriculture and food, we inquire into both current and classical questions as to achieve a new integrative way of research for human life, death and environment.
Hirobumi Takenouchi

Toshinobu Tokumoto Professor / Shizuoka
Reproductive Biology
We want to demonstrate the molecular mechanisms to enter the meiotic cell division through membrane steroid receptor on oocyte surface by non-genomic steroid actions.
Toshinobu Tokumoto

Yasushi Todoroki Professor / Shizuoka
Bioorganic Chemistry
We have been researching on creation and application of synthetic chemical regulators of biosynthesis, reception and catabolism of plant signal molecules and secondary metabolites.
Yasushi Todoroki

Motonori Tomita Professor / Shizuoka
Functional Genomics, Gene Isolation, Breeding Biotechnology
Gene Identification and Genetic Modification of Rice and Wheat by Genome-Wide Association Study.
Motonori Tomita

Enoch Y. Park Professor / Shizuoka
Molecular Biotechnology
High throughput gene expression using silkworm bacmid and innovative application of biological function. Based on this research we are expanding our goal from silkroad to bioroad.
Enoch Y. Park

Masakazu Hara Professor / Shizuoka
Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology
We investigate functions of plant-specific stress proteins, and our goal is to produce new bio-materials by using these proteins.
Masakazu Hara

Hirofumi Hirai Professor / Shizuoka
Biochemistry for Woodly Plant, and Environment
We have been studying on molecular breedings of white-rot fungi which can produce ethanol from woody biomass, and which can degrade environmental pollutions effectively.
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Hirofumi Hirai

Tatsuya Morita professor / Shizuoka
Food and Nutritional Chemistry
Current research interest is the interaction between dietary fibers, indigestible oligosaccharides and resistant starches, and the digestive tract lining, particularly focusing on (1) the intestinal mucin & IgA secretion, and (2) their related effects on intestinal barrier function.
Tatsuya Morita

Kiyoshi Yamauchi Professor / Shizuoka
Environmental Endocrinology
I have focused on the effects of environmrntal chemicals on amphbian development and the endocrine system.
Kiyoshi Yamauchi

Masahito Yamazaki Professor / Shizuoka
Biomembranes, Lipid membranes, Membrane Proteins, Cytoskeleton, Artificial Cells, Soft Matter
We investigate biomembranes comosed of lipid membranes, membrane proteins, and cytoskeletons from a biophysical point of view to reveal their physical and biological mechanisms. The single GUV method, Cubic phase, Nanobioscience.
Masahito Yamazaki

Ayumu Yamamoto Professor / Shizuoka
Molecular cell biology, Biochemystry
By visualizing biomolecules and examining their dynamics in live cells, we study molecular mechanisms regulating genome dynamics and faithful transmission of genetic information to offsprings.
Ayumu Yamamoto

Tatsuya Kato Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Biotechnology, Protein engineering
The improvement of efficient recombinant protein production using silkworms is carried out and the application of silkworm-produced recombinant proteins to various fields in our life science is aimed.
Tatsuya Kato

Shinya Kodani Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Natural product chemistry
My research interest is to clarify the biologiocal regulatory mechanism of useful microorganisms such as Actinomyces, which is a major source of antibiotic production.
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Shinya Kodani

Kazutoshi Sayama Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Animal physiology and biochemistry, Food biochemistry
Effects of food components on the development of several diseases. Effects of social stress on the development of metabolic syndrome. Study on the mechanism of immunogloblin secretion as a component of milk in mammary gland
Kazutoshi Sayama

Masaki Shintani Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Environmental Microbiology,Microbial genetics
Analyses of behaviors of mobile genetic elements (plasmids, transposons) in microbial consortia.
Masaki Shintani

Hisae Hirata Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Plant Pathology
Our research is mainly focused on the interaction between plants and their pathogenic bacteria to study molecular mechanisms of virulence.
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Hisae Hirata

Takeomi Murata Associate Professor / Shizuoka
We have been developing sugar chain materials that will have inhibitory effects on infections of H. pyroli and aggregation of Aβ.
Takeomi Murata

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