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Department of Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science

Hideyuki Itagaki Professor / Shizuoka
Polymer Chemistry, Photophysical Chemistry, Soft Materails (including gels)
We have developed gel systems such as capturing harmful ions, and obtained microscopic information by our photophysical techniques.
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Hideyuki Itagaki

Futoshi Iwata Professor / Hamamatsu
Precision measurements, Nano fabrication, Surface science
Based on precision engineering, we have been developing novel techniques of nanometer-scale measurement and fabrication.
Futoshi Iwata

Chikara Egami Professor / Hamamatsu
Optical Data Storage, Optical Measurement
He has been researching laser scanning microscopy and its application such as high density data storage and 3D optical measurment.
Chikara Egami

Toshiaki Okabayashi Professor / Shizuoka
Physical Chemistry, Molecular Science, Molucular Spectroscopy
We have been studing on physico-chemical properties of transient species (radicals and clusters) using molecular spectroscopy.
Toshiaki Okabayashi

Ryusuke Kita Professor / Hamamatsu
High-temperature superconducting material, thin film growth
We study high-temperature superconducting materials for trapping magnetic flux, and cost-effective HTS films by metal-organic deposition in order to apply them to electric power devices.
Ryusuke Kita

Atsushi Kubono Professor / Hamamatsu
Organic and Polymeric Thin Films / Liquid Crystals
Our research topics include a novel preparation technique of polymeric thin films with highly ordered structures, namely polymer superlattice, and basic studies for high-performanced organic optoelectronic devices such as liquid crystal displays, sensors and organic transistors.
Atsushi Kubono

Kenji Kobayashi Professor / Shizuoka
Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Function Chemstry
Based on supramolecular chemistry and organic structural chemstry, we study on the molecular design, synthesis, and self-assembly of novel organic materials directed to molecular devices.
Kenji Kobayashi

Mitsuru Kondo Professor / Shizuoka
Coordination Chemistry
We have focused on coordination materials that show unique functions based on the structural frameworks. Removals of toxic anions by molecular capsules, dioxygen activationby metal complexes, and dynamic coordination framework that changes responding to external stimuli have been developed.
Mitsuru Kondo

Jun Kondoh Professor / Hamamatsu
Wave electronics Engineering, Sensor engineering
We have been developing sensors and actuators using surface waves, such as surface acoustic waves and surface plasmon waves.
Jun Kondoh

Akinori Konno Professor / Hamamatsu
Photoelectrochemistry, Organic Electrochemistry
Development of Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells which is low cost alternative for conventional Silicon Solar Cell
Akinori Konno

Kenkichi Sakamoto Professor / Shizuoka
Organoelement Chemistry, Organophotochemistry, Physical Oraganic Chemistry
We focus on synthesis and properties of organosilicon compounds aiming for novel functional materials.
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Kenkichi Sakamoto

Masaru Shimomura Professor / Hamamatsu
Surface Chemistry, Physical Properties of Surfaces and Interfaces
Development of New Functional Materials Utilizing Unique Properties of Interfaces Between Organic and Inorganic Materials.
Masaru Shimomura

Hisao Suzuki Professor / Hamamatsu
Materials Science, Chemical Processing of Ferroelectric Thin Films and Oxide Nanoparticles
We have been developing ferroeolectric thin films and hybrid nanoparticles by chemical solution deposition (CSD) to apply novel devices.
Hisao Suzuki

Rika Sekine Professor / Shizuoka
Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry
Study on structure, properties, and reactivity for inorganic compounds and materials by molecular orbital method, molecular dynamics, and graph theory.
Rika Sekine

Shigeru Tasaka Professor / Hamamatsu
Physical Properties of Polymer Materials 
Surface molecular motions of polymeric materials are evaluated by thermal and elelctrical measurements.
Shigeru Tasaka

Hirokazu Tatsuoka Professor / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor Engineering, electrical and electronic materials
We develop safe and abundant materials for opto-electronic and thermoelectric applications. We also try to improve optical and thermoelectric properties of the materials by nano-scaled structural control.
Hirokazu Tatsuoka

Makoto Tomita Professor / Shizuoka
Quantum optics, Quantum electronics
Radiation and propagation of light in complex photonic systems, including random media, nano structured photonic systems.
Makoto Tomita

Hajime Torii Professor / Hamamatsu
Theoretical Chemistry,Molecular Spectroscopy, Solution Chemistry
Dynamics, functions, and interactions of liquids(such as water) and biomolecular systems (such as proteins)are analyzed theoretically. Special emphasis is laid on analysis of the cooperative dynamics in those systems that give rise to their various properties and on fundamentals for its optical detection. .
Hajime Torii

Yasuhiro Hayakawa Professor / Hamamatsu
Electronic Materials 
We aim to fabricate the device to convert light and heat into electricity. For this purpose, we have been investigating the effect of gravity on the growth and developing growth techniques for alloy semiconductors of high quality.
Yasuhiro Hayakawa

Kazutaka Hirakawa Professor / Hamamatsu
Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biomolecular Science, Nanomaterials Science
Fundamental Study of Photodynamic Therapy:Development of DNA Targeting Photosensitizers and Oxygen-independent Photosensitizers
Kazutaka Hirakawa

Desheng Fu Professor / Hamamatsu
Multi-functional oxides (dielectrics/piezoelectrics/pyroelectrics/electro-optics), solid state physics
Our group focuses on searching for the novel green multi-funtional oxide materials. Through understanding the physical properties and the underlying physics of the materials, we aim at providing new guides for material design and novel materials for potential applicaitons.
Desheng Fu

Nobuhisa Fujima Professor / Hamamatsu
Theory of Properies and Structures of Materials.Ab Initio Calculations for Non-crystalline materials
First principles calculations for structures and properties in amorphous alloys and non-particles. Computational design for new materials.
Nobuhisa Fujima

Nobuyuki Mase Professor / Hamamatsu
Green Organic Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Catalysis
"Development of organic synthetic methodology based on process and green chemistry" aiming at contribution to the nhancement of fundamental technology in the chemical industry
Nobuyuki Mase

Tetsu Mieno Professor / Shizuoka
Plasma Science, Carbon-Cluster Science & Space-Environment Science
Production, analysis & applications of carbon nano-clusters. Experimental study of reactive plasmas. Simulation experiment related with space environment.
Tetsu Mieno

Kenji Murakami Professor / Hamamatsu
Electronic Materials Science, Surface Electronics
Development of energy converting functional materials and their applications to Dye-sensitized Solar Cells and Mechanoluminescent Devices etc.
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Kenji Murakami

Hidemi Yoda Professor / Hamamatsu
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Bioactive Natural Products Synthesis
Development and Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Materials. Design of New Chemzymes and Application to Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions.
Hidemi Yoda

Hongpu Li Professor / Hamamatsu
Fiber Optics, Optical Information Processing, and Nanophotonics
Developments for various kinds of fiber gratings including the helical-type fiber gratings, nano/micro fiber gratings, and multichannel fiber gratings and their applications to fiber communications and fiber sensing systems.
Hongpu Li

Naoki Wakiya Professor / Hamamatsu
Materials Science, Processing of Functional Nano-ceramics such as Electric and Magnetic Thin Films through Vapor Phase
We focus on science and technology of ceramic thin film processing especially self-assembled nano-structure.
Naoki Wakiya

Takao Ebihara Associate Professor / Shizuoka
High quality single crystal growth in rare earth and 3d-transition intermetallic compounds. Investigation of electrotransport properties.
Investigation of electrotransport properties in high quality single crystals of rare earth and 3d-transition intermetallic compounds.
Takao Ebihara

Kazuo Shimizu Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Atmospheric microplasma application
Plasma medicine, plasma actuator, surface treatment on GaN, solar cell, indoor air treatment
Kazuo Shimizu

Yasutaka Tanaka Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Lithium ion battery, Supramolecular Chemistry
We are designing and synthesizing novel electrolyte so as to develop batteries for the following generation.
Yasutaka Tanaka

Yasumasa Tomita Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Inorganic Solid Materials, Solid State Ionics, Solid State NMR
Development and Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Materials. Design of New Chemzymes and Application to Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions.
Yasumasa Tomita

Atsushi Nakamura Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Crystal Growth, Oxide semiconductor, Graphene, 2D materials
Crystal growth of oxide semiconductor, Graphene for nanoelectronic devices. Synthesis of 2D materials.
Atsushi Nakamura

Tetsuo Narumi Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Bioorganic Chemistry,Medicinal Cheistry, Chemical Biology, Peptide Chemistry
Organic Chemistry-based Drug Discovery and Chemical Biology
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Tetsuo Narumi

Yasuhiro Matsuda Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Polymer solution, biocompatible polymer
My current research interest is on the structure and physical properties of natural or biocompatible polymers in solution or gel.
Yasuhiro Matsuda

Daniel Moraru Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
nanostructures, nanoelectronics, atomic devices
tunneling transport via dopant atoms in nano-transistors and nano-diodes; semiconductor device fabrication
Daniel Moraru

Masamichi Yamanaka Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Supramolecular Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry
We have been developing organic molecules which can form functional supramolecular structure.
Masamichi Yamanaka

Makoto Moriya Lecturer / Shizuoka
Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Development of novel solid electrolytes using molecular crystals and plastic crystals
Makoto Moriya

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