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Department of Information Science and Technology

Hideki Asai Professor / Hamamatsu
Computer-Aided Engineering
Research of power/signal integrity analysis and EMC design for high-speed and high-density design and packaging of electronic systems
Hideki Asai

Hideto Asashiba Professor / Shizuoka
Representation theory of algebras, derived equivalences
We investigate derived equivalences between algebras (or more generally linear categories) by using categorical tools.
Hideto Asashiba

Susumu Ishihara Professor / Hamamatsu
Mobile Computing, Mobile Networking
We have been developping mechanisms for improving communication performance using cooperation of multiple mobile computers and for assisting pedestrians and drivers by sharing images and information around users.
Susumu Ishihara

Jun Oshima Professor / Hamamatsu
The Learning Sciences
Designing and evulating learning environments for knowledge creation practices
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Jun Oshima

Ritsuko Oshima Professor / Hamamatsu
Learning Sciences
Design of collaborative learning environment
Ritsuko Oshima

Gosuke Ohashi Professor / Hamamatsu
Digital Image Processing, Sensing via Image Information
Sensing Technology via Image Information based on Digital Image Processing and Visual Information Processing.
Gosuke Ohashi

Yoshisuke Kumano Professor / Shizuoka
Innovation of Science Education, Authentic Assessment, E-learning Development, Energy & Environmental Education, Lesson Study, STEM Education
Main research question is starting from whether our science and technology learning can develop new knowledge for the future generation or not within the Japanese contexts. In order to develop new models, our research targets are on innovative learning system, learning method including STEM education, e-learning, authentic assessment, curriculum development, digital contents and so on in the area of STEM (science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
Yoshisuke Kumano

Yoshihiko Kuwahara Professor / Hamamatsu
Antennas and Propagation, Radio Communication System
We combine antennas and propagation tecnologies to several radio application systems with the digital signal processing. Our recent research topics include microwave imaging, wireless power transmission, and ITS.
Yoshihiko Kuwahara

Tatsuhiro Konishi Professor / Hamamatsu
Informatics and Systems in Education
We are designing and constructing educational systems based on advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cognitive models, natural language processing, and so on.
Tatsuhiro Konishi

Sanshiro Sakai Professor / Hamamatsu
Software Engineering, Educational Technology
Based on infomatics, he researches widely on education support and information system development. Especially, he has been developing the support system for programing learning, collaborative learning, program testing and reuse.
Sanshiro Sakai

Hitoshi Saji Professor / Hamamatsu
Image Processing, Remote Sensing
We have analyzed disaster areas and road traffic information using aerial images, satellite images, and a digital map.
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Hitoshi Saji

Akichika Shiomi Professor / Hamamatsu
Image Processing System, Embedded System, Design Automation, Architecture
The system design about the hardware architecture and the embedded system for an image processing is studied.
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Akichika Shiomi

Akihiko Sugiura Professor / Hamamatsu
Multimedia Encoding, Wireless Network, Application Development
Our main subjects are advancement of multimedia information communication technology, and its application to medical treatment and education etc..
Akihiko Sugiura

Takahiro Sugiyama Professor / Hamamatsu
Image Processing, Application Development
Development of Image Processing Functions and its Application
Takahiro Sugiyama

Nobuyuki Suzuki Professor / Shizuoka
mathematical logic, non-classical logics
My research interests are non-classical logics and their applications, especially by semantical methods.
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Nobuyuki Suzuki

Yugo Takeuchi Professor / Hamamatsu
Cognitive Science, Human-Agent Interaction(HAI), Computer Mediated Communication, Interaction Design
We focus on human cognitive behavior toward other persons, artifacts, and agents, which are carried out as following studies: Basic studies on cognitive human communication, Human-Agent Interaction studies, and Real World Oriented Media Design.
Yugo Takeuchi

Yasuo Tateoka Professor / Hamamatsu
Management of Technology, Management Strategy, SHIEN Managenent, Complex System, Organizational Reform
Advocating new management system called SHIEN management, in replace of control-based MA. Developing new perspective of management science.
Yasuo Tateoka

Naoki Tanaka Professor / Shizuoka
Semigroups of Operators and Evolution Equations
Generation of semigroups of Lipschitz operators and well-posedness of abstract Cauchy problems
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Naoki Tanaka

Asato Tsuchiya Professor / Shizuoka
Particle theory, Cosmology
Nonperturbative study of quantum field theory and superstring theory.
Asato Tsuchiya

Masakatsu Nishigaki Professor / Hamamatsu
Information Security, Humanics Security, Entertainment Security
Our main aim is to achieve the next-generation system security which overcomes security-usability trade off by overarching security techniques and human characteristics.
Masakatsu Nishigaki

Masafumi Nishimura Professor / Hamamatsu
Spoken Language Processing, Speech & Audio Analytics, Cognitive Computing
Recognition of Physical and Mental Condition by Using Audio Features, Spoken Dialogue System for Support of the Elderly
Masafumi Nishimura

Masahiro Nohmi Professor / Hamamatsu
Nano-satelllite development, Satellites cooperative control, Space robotics, Lunar and planetary exploration
Space verification experiment by Nano-satellite. Robotics cooperative control of plural satellites connected by tether.
Masahiro Nohmi

Yasunobu Maeda Professor / Hamamatsu
Risk Analysis, Information Systems
Information systems for risk analysis Knowledge managemant based on data science approach
Yasunobu Maeda

Kenjiro T. Miura Professor / Hamamatsu
Computer Aided Geometric Design, Computer Graphics, Image Processing
Using geometric modeling and computer graphics techniques, we have been developing various systems such as digital styling design systems and physics simulators.
Kenjiro T. Miura

Koji Michishita Professor / Hamamatsu
Electrical and Electronic Engineering and High Voltage Engineering
Lightning Discharge and Lightning Protection of Electrical System
Koji Michishita

Hiroshi Mineno Professor / Hamamatsu
Mobile & Ubiquitous computing, Wireless sensor network system
Application on heterogeneous network convergence and global sensor network system.
Hiroshi Mineno

Makoto Miyazaki Professor / Hamamatsu
Cognitive Neuroscience, Physical Education, Sport Psychology
In our laboratory, we investigate the brain mechanisms underlying perception, cognition, and motor behavior using psychophysical methods and brain-function measurement techniques. The keywords of our current researches are “Body”, “Time” and “Uncertainty”.
Makoto Miyazaki

Rinko Miyazaki Professor / Hamamatsu
Theory of functional differential equations
I study qualitative theory of delay differential equations, especially I'm interested in delay effects on stabilities of solutions.
Rinko Miyazaki

Izuru Mori Professor / Shizuoka
Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry
Homological and geometric properties of noncommutative projective schemes Classification of quantum projective spaces and quantum ruled surfaces
Izuru Mori

Genki Ichinose Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Complex Systems, Network Science, Evolutionary Games
Analysing the collective behaviors of humans and other animals by mathematical modelling and simulation
Genki Ichinose

Shin Usuki Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Precision Engineering, Optical Metrology, Image Processing
Three dimensional in-process measurement and geometric modeling for the nano-micro manufacturing industry
Shin Usuki

Atsuhiko Kai Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Speech processing, Spoken language interface, Pattern information processing
We have been developing spoken language systems including speech recognition and spoken language technologies. Our recent research topics include speech interface system, spoken document processing and car-driving signal processing.
Atsuhiko Kai

Yoshinobu Kano Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Dialog System
Our research includes development of various Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications and integrated platform for NLP. We also aim to develop a dialog system that naturally cummunicates like humans.
Yoshinobu Kano

Tomoya Kitani Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Computer Networks, Intelligent Transport Systems, Bikeinformatics
Develop a sensing infrastracture with motorcycles
Tomoya Kitani

Shinya Kiriyama Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Spoken Language Processing, Intelligent Information Processing, Human Interface
Development of Human-friendly Interaction System and Design of Human-centric Acoustic Environment.
Shinya Kiriyama

Yuichi Kobayashi Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Recognition and Control of Robot, Cognitive Developmental Robotics, Optimal Control and Optimization
We aim to realize learning method for robot by mimicking human developmental process, considering embodiment. Environment- adaptive system is studied based on optimal control and machine learning.
Yuichi Kobayashi

Yosuke Tatekura Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Speech and Acoustic Processing
My research interests are sound field control, sound source separation and computational auditory scene analysis based on digital signal processing.
Yosuke Tatekura

Masatsugu Niwayama Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Biomedical Measurement, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
We have been developing new methods for measuring accurate hemoglobin concentrations for brain and muscle using near-infrared spectroscopy.
Masatsugu Niwayama

Takahiro Hasegawa Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Information Infrastructure, Information System, Information Security, EPUB (Electric Publication)
Web service system for an information infrastructure and information security, such as CMS based Web hosting system, electric publication system (EPUB) and information security database system for ISMS and ITSMS.
Takahiro Hasegawa

Naoki Fukuta Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Multi-Agent Systems, Mobile Agents, Semantic Web, and their Applications
Development and Analysis of Complex Systems formed by `Agents', and Application to (Linked) Open Data and Semantic Web
Naoki Fukuta

Tokihiko Fujimoto Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Renewable Energy, Community Engineering and Sociology
Planning for Regional Resource Management and Community Development. Research Fields in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan.
Tokihiko Fujimoto

Tetsuya Hosaka Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Geometric group theory
We investigate CAT(0) spaces on which CAT(0) groups act geometrically, and Coxeter groups, Davis complexes and their boundaries.
Tetsuya Hosaka

Yoshinori Miyazaki Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
e-Learning, Software Development on English & Math Education, Numerical Simulation
Development of Online Learning Software and Numerical Simulation, Each of Whose Topic is Based on Informatics. Important Data in the Course of Learning Process and Physical Phenomena are Extracted, Processed, & Analyzed.
Yoshinori Miyazaki

Tadahiro Wada Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Wireless Communications Systems, Wireless Networks, Error Correcting Codes
Development of Meteor Burst Communication and Visible light Communication Systems. New application of Error Correcting odes.
Tadahiro Wada

Tetsushi Ohki Lecturer / Hamamatsu
Identity Science, Privacy and Surveillance society, Post-singularity security
We aim to realize a safe and secure society by tackling security and privacy issues occurring newly due to the development of network society from the viewpoint of cryptography theory and machine learning, etc.
Tetsushi Ohki

Yoshimitsu Okita Lecturer / Hamamatsu
Biomedical Engineering, Physiological Anthropology, Mibyou Technology
In functional food and drinks, we have been developing new measurement and analysis system for the physiological function of human
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Yoshimitsu Okita

Diego A. Mejía Lecturer / Shizuoka
Mathematical Logic and Set Theory
Forcing theory and combinatorics of the real line
Diego A. Mejía

Takeshi Morita Lecturer / Shizuoka
Theoritical Physics
String theory, gauge theory and black hole
Takeshi Morita

Zhi Liu Assistant Professor / Hamamatsu
Communication/ Network engineering
We are working on the multimedia wireless transmission, especially the immersive video (including VR, multi-view video) transmission
Zhi Liu

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