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Department of Environment and Energy Systems

Takaaki Oiwa Professor / Hamamatsu
Precision Mechanism, Precision Measurement
We are trying to create a machine with perfect 6-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) motions by adopting some basic principles of the precision mechanism, and using advanced measurement and control technologies.
Takaaki Oiwa

Akihisa Kitamura Proffesor / Shizuoka
Quaternary paleoceanography
I examine response of shallow marine ecosystem to Quaternary climate changes.
Akihisa Kitamura

Hiroyuki Kimura Professor / Shizuoka
Geomicrobiology, Environmental Genomics, Novel Energy Production
We carry out studies on physiology and ecology of prokaryotes inhabiting oceanic, subsurface, and extreme environments. We also develop bioenergy production system using subterranean microbial community.
Hiroyuki Kimura

Kazuhide Kimbara Professor / Hamamatsu
Environmental Microbiology, Bioprocess Engineering, Functional Engineering of Microorganisms
Degradation of environmental pollutants by microbial consortia and analys of micribial community structure.
Kazuhide Kimbara

Fujio Kuwahara Proffesor / Hamamatsu
Thermal engineering, Porous media
Using the average volume theory, the derivation of the macroscopic governing equations, it is the determination of the model coefficients. In addition, I have done research on industrial applications.
Fujio Kuwahara

Chang Yi Kong Professor / Hamamatsu
Supercritical Fluids, Physical Properties, Carbon Nanomaterials.
Involved in carbon nanomaterials (such as graphene oxide, graphene and nanocomposite material, etc.) and in thermodynamic properties in supercritical fluids.
Chang Yi Kong

Takayuki Saito Professor / Hamamatsu
Turbulent multiphase flows, Applications of Advanced Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Countermeasure technique of CO2
He is experimentally investigating turbulent multiphase flows encountered in fields widely ranging from nature to industrial plants using advanced laser and optical technology.
Takayuki Saito

Shin'ichi Sato Professor / Shizuoka
Actuopaleoecology, Paleobiology
1. Analysis of the life-history traits in extant and fossil bivalves based on the shell microgrowth patterns. 2. Temporal changes of bivalves and gastropods in Isahaya Bay shut off from Ariake Sea, western Kyushu, Japan
Shin'ichi Sato

Yoshinobu Shimamura Professor / Hamamatsu
Composite materials, Strength of materials
Our group does research on strength of composite materials and very high cycle fatigue of metals.
Yoshinobu Shimamura

Akira Tsukagoshi Professor / Shizuoka
Zootaxonomy, Biodiversity, Paleobiology
Based on taxonomy, I study on the natural history of Ostracoda (Crustacea: Arthropoda) in view of evolution.
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Akira Tsukagoshi

Toshihiko Noguchi Professor / Hamamatsu
Power Electronics, Motor Drive, Motor Hardware
Development of Varieties of Novel, Original, and Usefull Power Converters and Motor Hardware
Toshihiko Noguchi

Kunio Hayakawa Professor / Hamamatsu
Material Forming
Process simulation of material forming process, Evaluation of deformation, damage and service life of materials. Evaluation of tribological property in material forming process
Kunio Hayakawa

Mitsuhiro Fukuta Professor / Hamamatsu
Refrigeration, Fluid Machinery, Energy Conversion
Development of high efficiency and reliable fluid machinary. Clarifing internal phenomena in refregerant compressors. Instrumentation in refregeration cycles
Mitsuhiro Fukuta

Choji Fukuhara Professor / Hamamatsu
Catalysis chemistry, Reaction engineering, Physical chemistry, Chemical engineering
New energy creation, Renewable energy utilization, Novel-type reactor and catalyst, Hydrogen production, CO2 utilization for useful resources
Choji Fukuhara

Taketomo Fujiwara Professor / Shizuoka
Microbial biochemistry, environmental microbiology
Biochemical investigation on nitrifying and denitrifying microorganisms have been performed in my lab.
Taketomo Fujiwara

Hiroyuki Futamata Proffesor / Hamamatsu
Our research topics are 1) Bioremediation targeting tetrachloroethene, 2) Analysis of nitrogen cycle for cleaning up eutrophication, 3) Microbial fuel cells and 4) Understanding of microbial ecosystem.
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Hiroyuki Futamata

Beatriz Estela Casareto Professor / Shizuoka
marine biology, microbiology, microbial food webs, marine biomass
I would like to clarify how these ecosystems respond to environmental stressors and within what limits of tolerance they can function by keeping their stability, biodiversity and health.
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Beatriz Estela Casareto

Yuichi Morishita Professor / Shizuoka
Ore geology, Isotope geology, Secondary ion mass spectrometry
Studies on the genesis of mineral deposits that include rare metals and gold deposits using a gas isotope ratio mass spectrometry or secondary ion mass spectrometry.
Yuichi Morishita

Satoru Morita Professor / Hamamatsu
Nonlinear dynamics, Mathematical Biology, Complex Networks
Mathematical modeling to study nonlinear phenomena in complex systems. The goal is to clarify the relationship between function and structure.
Satoru Morita

Jin Yoshimura Professor / Hamamatsu
Mathematical Biology, Evolutionary Ecology, Economics, Operations Research
We study the basic principles of the effects of environmental uncertainty on adaptive evolution, e.g., the evolutionary history of periodical cicadas.
Jin Yoshimura

Quan Wang Professor / Shizuoka
Remote Sensing Applications, Ecological Modeling, Environmental Change
Main research foci are on multiple-scale C/H2O simulation models and remote sensing applications. Special attentions are paid for retrieval of required parameters via remote sensing techniques for ecological models at various scales, as well as data-fusion for multiple-scale simulations under global change.
Quan Wang

Junichi Asama Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Precision Mechanical System
I am working on bearingless motor, magnetic bearing, and power Mechatronics. Please visit the group website.
Junichi Asama

Yasuhisa Oya Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Chemistry for nuclear fusion and nuclear energy system, Chemistry for beta-emission nuclides
Elucidation of interaction mechanism between radionuclides and materials in fusion reactor and nuecler energy system. Behavior of beta-emission nuclides in environment
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Yasuhisa Oya

Toshiyuki Sanada Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Fluids Engineering, Multiphase Flow, Physical Cleaning
Elucidation of physics of dispersed multiphase flow (e.g. bubbles or droplets), and its application for surface cleaning.
Toshiyuki Sanada

Makoto Matsui Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
High temperature gas dynamics, plasma diagnostics, space prosulsion system
Developments of novel high enthalpy wind tunnel using laser plasma and its diagnostics methods using spectroscopies.
Makoto Matsui

Makoto Yanaga Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Nuclear and radiochemistry, Bioinorganic chemistry
Speciation of radiocesium and removal from soil, Studies on behavior of trace metal elements in living organisms by means of radioscientific techniques, Distribution of radioactive cesium of surface soil in Shizuoka prefecture.
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Makoto Yanaga

Takumi Chikada Lecturer / Shizuoka
Advanced energy chemistry, Fusion engineering, Radiochemistry
For R&D in advanced energy systems such as hydrogen energy and fusion reactors, we study on physical and chemical behaviors of materials, in particular hydrogen-material interactions.
Takumi Chikada

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