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Department of Nanovision Technology

Toru Aoki Professor / Hamamatsu
Imaging technology of X-ray, gamma-ray and nutoron.
We research and develop the imaging devices, sysytems and its application for invisible light especially X-ray, gannma-ray and nutron from the base to practical use. .
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Toru Aoki

Hiroya Ikeda Professor / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor engineering, Semiconductor device engineering, Semiconductor quantum physics
We are investigating new-functional and high-efficient devices using Si nanostructures and recently focusing on thermoelectric devices.
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Hiroya Ikeda

Akihiro Ishida Professor / Hamamatsu
semiconductor physics,device
Akihiro Ishida

Yoku Inoue Professor / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor engineering, Crystal growth, Nanomaterial engineering
We are working on broad CNT researches including growth, fabrication of CNT constructions (fibers), CNT composites and CNT electronics.
Yoku Inoue

Hiroshi Inokawa Professor / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor Engineering
Through the use of nanodevices, such as single-electron transistors, we are researching low-power high-density circuit/system architectures. Since the nanodevices can be highly sensitive sensors, we are trying to apply them to single-photon detection, etc.
Hiroshi Inokawa

Yoshinobu Ebisawa Professor / Hamamatsu
Visual Information Engineering
Developments of video-based pupil detection technique and of pupil detection-based methodology and implementation (e.g., eye-gaze and head pose detection, and drowsiness detection) for human interaction and monitoring are done for the improvement of welfare medical treatment and safe driving.
Yoshinobu Ebisawa

Yukinori Ono Professor / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor nanodevices
We are developping the technologies for manipulating single charges, spins, and phonons in silicon.
Yukinori Ono

Kamen Kanev Professor / Hamamatsu
Human Computer Interfaces: Vision Information Processing and Computer Graphics
Surface Based Interactions: Research on Surface Communication Carriers and its Application
Kamen Kanev

Yoshimasa Kawata Professor / Hamamatsu
Laser microscopy, three-dimesinsional imaging theory
We have developed high resolution optical microscopy and its applications to optical data storage. Nano-fabrication techniques has been developed with femto-second laser pluse.
Yoshimasa Kawata

Shoji Kawahito Professor / Hamamatsu
Imaging Semiconductor Devices and Systems
We are investigating imaging semiconductor (CMOS) devices with advanced performance and functions for scientific, industrial and biomedical applications.
Shoji Kawahito

Tetsuo Sasaki Professor / Hamamatsu
Nonlinear optics, Terahertz spectroscopy, Crystal growth, Analytical chemistry
Development of THz laser spectrometer and its application
Tetsuo Sasaki

Gen Hashiguchi Professor / Hamamatsu
We have focused on MEMS design theory and its appliation for development of integrated MEMS with semiconductor devices.
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Gen Hashiguchi

Kazuhiko Hara Professor / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor engineering, Solid-state physics
We have been developing unique light-emitting materials based on the semiconductor nanotechnology aiming at their application for novel light sources and displays.
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Kazuhiko Hara

Norihisa Hiromoto Professor / Hamamatsu
Terahertz technology, Terahertz sensor, Infrared technology, Light scattering detection
Reseach on terahertz (THz) sensor and THz time-domain spectrometer to develop THz-wave application, and airborne particle detection by light scattering to protect atmospheric environment against pollution
Norihisa Hiromoto

Vygantas Mizeikis Professor / Hamamatsu
Applied optics, laser fabrication,micro-/nano-photonics
Laser fabrication and characterzation of photonic micro-/nano-structures, modification of materials by femtosecond laser pulses.
Vygantas Mizeikis

Hidenori Mimura Professor / Hamamatsu
Vacuum Nanoelectronics
Basic research for nanovision imaging devices such as an ultra fine field emission display and an ultra fine CdTe X-ray image sensor
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Hidenori Mimura

Wataru Inami Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Optical Measurement Science,Advanced Microscopy
Developing principles for new measurement and imaging technologies which show us things we have not seen before.
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Wataru Inami

Akihisa Ogino Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Plasma Science, Plasma Application
We have been researching plasma processing that aims at modifying the physical and chemical properties of a surface and also fabricating nanomaterials.
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Akihisa Ogino

Atsushi Ono Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Near-field Optics, Plasmonics
We design and fabricate metallic nanostructures for the efficient surface plasmon exicitation. It is applied for the development of super-resolution imaging device and high-sensitive photodetectors.
Atsushi Ono

Keiichiro Kagawa Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
CMOS image sensors, information photonics
Biomedical CMOS image sensors and computational imaging based on multi-aperture optics and advanced CMOS image sensors for ultra-fast or ultra-high-sensitivity imaging.
Keiichiro Kagawa

Tetsuya Kouno Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Nano-micro photonics and structures
Optical properties based on nano-micro structures
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Tetsuya Kouno

Masanori Takeda Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Terahertz technology, submillimeter-wave circuit, superconducting electronics
Toward terahertz (THz) applications, we have been studying on system stabilization of THz time-domain spectrometer and THz imaging technology.
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Masanori Takeda

Tripathi Saroj Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Terahertz wave engineering
Terahertz spectroscopy, sensing and imaging
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Tripathi Saroj

Yoichiro Neo Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Vacuum nanoelectronics
Cathode and physics: Field emission cathode, photocathode, etc. Apprication: High frequency Vacuum tube, image tube etc.
Yoichiro Neo

Minoru Watanabe Associate Professor / Hamamatsu
Optical information processing, Very-large-scale integrated circuit(VLSI), Space embedded system, Optoelectronic device, Reconfigurable device
Development of Optoelectronic devices including optical information processing techologies and very-large-scale integrated circuits(VLSIs).
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Minoru Watanabe

Masahiro Hori Lecturer / Hamamatsu
Semiconductor engineering, Quantum electronics
We are developing a novel technique towards the manipulation of electronic charges and spins based on a quantum level in a silicon transistor.
Masahiro Hori

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