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Integrated Bioscience Section


Students explore the mutual dynamics between living organisms and the environment, systems of biodiversity, and the uniformity of adaptation in these systems. To understand the overall structure of the biosphere as a cyclical symbiotic system, students identify the diverse and commonly shared life principles that govern everything from the molecular and cellular level up to individual beings and the interactions between them, and examine the diversity that exists in the activities of higher-order life forms. To more vigorously promote progress in the field of bioscience, we will form a group of specialized researchers by creating organic linkages in the frontier fields of academia, such as genome research, molecular histology in the post-genome era, proteomics, glycomics, chemical biology, biochemo-informatics, and biomics, which integrates engineering and bioscience. Our specific goals are to conduct research on higher-order systems at the molecular level?for example, the mechanisms of the spatial and temporal expression of the structure and functions of biomolecular aggregates, intermolecular interaction, and signal transmission and intercellular interaction?and to examine the structural principles of the molecular aggregates that govern life, as well as the operational principles of the molecular devices responsible for them.

This section will not only disseminate these new principles to the rest of the world, but will also serve as a center of international bioscience in which applied developmental research projects on health, drug creation, safety, and high-performance foods can be conducted using the wealth of biotech resources in Shizuoka Prefecture. It will also contribute towards the development of local bioindustries and disseminate important research findings to scholars all over the world.

Faculty Members(2018)

Name Position Department Campus
Takashi Ushimaru Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Hirokazu Kawagishi Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Yoko Kimura Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Nobuyoshi Shiojiri Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Masakazu Suzuki Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Yuichi Takikawa Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Hirobumi Takenouchi Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Toshinobu Tokumoto Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Yasushi Todoroki Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Motonori Tomita Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Enoch Y. Park Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Masakazu Hara Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Hirofumi Hirai Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Reiko Motohashi Professor Shizuoka
Tatsuya Morita Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Masahito Yamazaki Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Ayumu Yamamoto Professor Bioscience Shizuoka
Koichiro Awai Associate Prof. Shizuoka
Toshiyuki Ohnishi Associate Prof. Shizuoka
Tatsuya Kato Associate Prof. Bioscience Shizuoka
Shinya Kodani Associate Prof. Bioscience Shizuoka
Kazutoshi Sayama Associate Prof. Bioscience Shizuoka
Masaki Shintani Associate Prof. Bioscience Hamamatsu
Hisae Hirata Associate Prof. Bioscience Shizuoka
Takeomi Murata Associate Prof. Bioscience Shizuoka
Akira Yukita Associate Prof. Shizuoka
Reiko Okada Lecturer Shizuoka

Faculty Members Attached to the Section

Reiko Motohashi Professor / Shizuoka
Plant Molecular Biology, Plastid Differentiation
To better understand the mechanisim of plastid differentiation, we are analyzing functions of plastid protein genes using Arabidopsis tag lines and tomato mutants.
Reiko Motohashi

Koichiro Awai Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Plant Physiology, Lipid Biochemistry
Physiological functions of membrane lipids in photosynthetic organisms. Establishment of platforms for production of useful compounds in photosynthetic organisms.
Koichiro Awai

Toshiyuki Ohnishi Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Organic Chemistry of Natural Products, Plant Chemistry
Research on Plant specialized metabolism
researchers face
Toshiyuki Ohnishi

Akira Yukita Associate Professor / Shizuoka
Molecular biology, Histology, Cell biology, Developmental biology
Molecular mechanism and evolutionary transition of bone formation and remodeling
researchers face
Akira Yukita

Reiko Okada Lecturer / Shizuoka
Animal Physiology, Biochemistry
I have been studying about effects of developmental and environmental changes on regulatory mechanisms of vertebrates.
researchers face
Reiko Okada

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