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The Graduate School of Science and Technology Research Division is comprised of the Hamamatsu Research Center (Hamamatsu Campus) and the Shizuoka Research Center (Shizuoka Campus). Each research Center houses divisions that specialize in specific fields of research and conduct pioneering research projects stimulated by recent scientific and technological advances.

Efforts have been made to review and restructure the organizations with which professors are affiliated, allowing the department to flexibly and promptly adapt to changes as they occur over time.

Each division works to strengthen the activities of the research department by inviting other university professors whose work is international in scope, as well as outstanding researchers from local companies and other institutions, to serve as guest lecturers. They also strive to engage in flexible organizational management and to conduct timely research activities.

Structure of the Science and Technology Research Division
Hamamatsu Research Center
(Hamamatsu Campus)
Shizuoka Research Center
(Shizuoka Campus)
Nanovision Science Section
Optoelectronic Science Section
Informatics Section
Nanomaterials Section
Energy System Section
Integrated Bioscience Section
Environmental Science Section
Basic Research Section
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