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Features of the Research Centers

Hamamatsu Research Center

The Hamamatsu region is the birthplace of Japanese venture companies such as Honda and Hamamatsu Photonics; these companies and the university have thrived together because of strong industry-academia partnerships. Today Hamamatsu is recognized as a designated region for promoting the optical technology industry, and as the starting point for innovative industrial activities in the field of optics.

Shizuoka University has strengthened its highly productive industry-academia partnerships and contributed to the local community by establishing a joint innovative research center that integrates those organizations that have engaged in joint research in the past. It has also developed the Hamamatsu Optronics Cluster as part of the intellectual cluster formation project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The decision to have the new graduate school specialize in the field of nanovision science was intended to draw attention to the specific industrial character of the Hamamatsu region and to further strengthen ties between local industry and the education and research activities conducted by the university.

Shizuoka Research Center

An industrial cluster comprising companies involved in food product manufacture, pharmaceuticals, and the agricultural and fishing industries has developed from the central to the eastern part of this region, attracting many large companies to the area. The combination of its well developed transportation infrastructure (facilitated by proximity to the capital) and its natural environment has resulted in Shizuoka Prefecture's becoming a center for health-related industries, and the Pharma Valley Center and other industrial support systems are an important part of this development.

At Shizuoka Campus, the focus placed on research fields related to the environment, bioscience, and biology has enabled the university, based on its ties with local industries, to serve as a base for promoting the creation of cutting-edge bio-industries and as an international center for biosciences. The goal of establishing this focus for the campus was to contribute to efforts to promote local industrial activities.

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