The field of “image engineering” has thus far been based on macro-manipulation utilizing the collective properties of photons and electrons. In order to achieve growth in this field, various limit of the principle must be gotten over and fundamental changes in the academic basis are the necessary. Researchers in the fields of image technology and nanoscience are working together to pioneer the introduction of photon and electron nanomanipulation, which will completely transform the field of image engineering.

This section represents the new academic field of nanovision science, which involves manipulation of individual photons and electrons in the field of image engineering. The research conducted in this section is intended to provide support for “an era of flexible and sensitive image communication.” Students conduct research on the manipulation of photons and electrons, including their release, detection, and transfer, based on the physics of nanomaterials and nanodevices. They also study nanovision devices and systems employing photon and electron nanomanipulation, and conduct research on nanomanipulation based on dielectric constants, nonlinear photonic dynamics, and properties of polymers in nanospaces; for the purpose of universal manipulation of light for example, which includes penetration of light into the nanoregion and the expansion of light from the nanoregion.

Faculty Members(2023)

Wataru InamiProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Toru AokiProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Hiroya IkedaProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Akihiro IshidaProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Yoku InoueProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Atsushi OnoProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Yukinori OnoProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Keiichiro KagawaProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Kamen KanevProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Shoji KawahitoProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Tetsuo SasakiProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Gen HashiguchiProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Kazuhiko HaraProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Vygantas MizeikisProfessorNanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Akihisa OginoAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Tetsuya KounoAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Hiroko KominamiAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Masanori TakedaAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Tripathi Saroj RamanAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Takayuki NakanoAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Yoichiro NeoAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Masato FutagawaAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Masahiro HoriAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu
Moraru DanielAssociate Prof.Nanovision TechnologyHamamatsu