Nanovision Technology

Prof.Hidenori Mimura 「Electron Beam Technology for Nanovision Science」

Prof.Shoji Kawahito 「Development of Highly-Resolved Imaging Devices」

Prof.Yoshimasa Kawata
「Development of Electron-beam Excitation Assisted microscope
-Nanometeric resolution for ovservation of biological specimen-」

Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science

Prof.Nobuyuki Mase 「Research activities in MASE Laboratory」

Prof.Kenji Kobayashi 「Organic Functional Nanomaterials Chemistry」

Information Science and Technology

Prof.Susumu Ishihara
「Information Dissemination in Vehicular Wireles Networks toward
Realtime Visual Car Navigation Systems」

Prof.Masakatsu Nishigaki 「Humanics Security」

Prof.Yoichi Takebayashi
「Intelligence Science that will Lead Ways to an Unprecedented Super Aging Society」

Prof.Hitoshi Saji 「Road Traffic Information Analysis Using Aerial Images」

Environment and Energy Systems

Prof.Yoshimi Suzuki 「New Insight of Coral Biogeochemistory and Ecosystem」


Prof.Yasushi Todoroki
「Development of Small molecules that control stress tolerance in plants」

Prof.Naoharu Watanabe
「Mechanisms for Floral Scent Formation and Emission? Regulation of Flower Induction?」

Prof.Masahito Yamazaki
「The Single GUV Method for Probing Dynamics and Functions of Biomembranes」

Prof.Hirokazu Kawagishi
「Disclosure of the ”fairy” of fairy-rings and the possibility of its practical use in agriculture」

Prof.Enoch Y. Park
「Expression of Green Fluorescence Protein(GFP) by using recombinant silkworm lafvare
-From Silk-road to Bio-road-」

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