In this section, research is informed by predictions of environmental changes resulting from the effects of global warming and human conflict on the ocean environment and forest ecosystems. Based on new efforts in the area of active earthquake prediction, researchers in the Environmental Sciences Section are developing a type of future-oriented environmental earth science that is firmly tied to social interest in global ecosystem maintenance, disaster prevention and safety education.

Students analyze long-term environmental changes of the planet and the responses of various types of life forms to these environmental changes, as well as evolution and related models, in order to examine the magnitude of future global environmental changes and our response to them.

Topics covered include environmental change analysis on a molecular scale and the examination of biodiversity on a molecular level, environmental materials science that focuses on molecules, and science aimed at examining environmental problems, including ethical problems related to human survival and maintenance of the global ecosystem.

Faculty Members(2023)

Hiroyuki KimuraProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Kazuhide KimbaraProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsHamamatsu
Satoru MoritaProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsHamamatsu
Masaki ShintaniAssociate Prof.Environment and Energy SystemsHamamatsu
Tatsuhiko KawamotoProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Akihisa KitamuraProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Shin’ichi SatoProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Akira TsukagoshiProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Taketomo FujiwaraProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Quan WangProfessorEnvironment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Hidemi IshibashiAssociate Prof.Environment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Rei SonobeAssociate Prof.Environment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Dur GaelAssociate Prof.Environment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Ken’ichi HirauchiAssociate Prof.Environment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Yuta MitsuiAssociate Prof.Environment and Energy SystemsShizuoka
Yutaro SuzukiAssociate Prof.Shizuoka
Legrand JulienAssistant Prof.Shizuoka

Faculty Members Attached to the Section

Yutaro Suzuki  Associate Professor / Shizuoka

Research Area

Palaeozoology, Evolutionary Morphology, Functional Morphology

Research Detail

Understanding the morphology of extinct arthropods, especially those of trilobites, from the perspectives of organismal evolution and function

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