Hamamatsu Campus

Access to Hamamatsu Campus:

  1. When you get out of the north gate of Hamamatsu Station (JR), you take Enshu Railway Bus at bus stop No.15 or 16 and get off at the bus stop of “Shizuoka daigaku” (20 minutes by bus).
  2. By taxi from Hamamatsu Station (ca.10min)

Shizuoka Campus

Access to Shizuoka Campus:

  1. Get on the Shizutetsu Just Line bus bound for “Shizuoka-Daigaku” or “Ohya” at platform No.19 at the bus terminal at the north exit of JR Shizuoka Station (opposite the east side of Matsuzakaya Department Store and in front of the Excel Word Shizuoka Building), and get off at “Shizudaimae” or “Katayama”. (Time required: 25 min.; 5 to 7 buses per hour)
  2. When you get out of the south gate of East Shizuoka Station (JR), you take a Shizutetsu Justline Bus for “Shizudai” and get off at the bus stop of “Shizudaimae” (15 minutes by bus).
  3. By taxi from Shizuoka Station (ca.15min)