The Graduate School of Science and Technology, Education Division strives to clearly communicate the characteristics and goals of the education and research activities conducted at Shizuoka University to the wider community, and to serve as an internationally renowned institution for research and education. Our goal is to produce highly skilled engineers and researchers with high levels of expertise in their field of specialization, as well as a broader level of knowledge and international sensibility for navigating the current global environment.

Training Human Resources

Our goal is to provide an education that is informed by local characteristics and contemporary needs, and to cultivate skilled engineers and researchers who possess highly specialized knowledge as well as a broader level of sophistication and international sensibility for navigating the current global environment. Instead of adopting the conventional graduate school organizational structure, we have established separate departments for education and research. This enables us to adopt a broad-based approach in the educational arena while offering a more narrowly focused doctoral program in the research arena.

Characteristics of the Educational Curriculum

In addition to the conventional specialized courses, this graduate school offers short-term intensive seminars. These will address general topics that broadly cover the basic knowledge needed for a deeper understanding of the field of the student’s department, and basic common subjects that teach students about topics such as intellectual property, management, ethics, and the environment, all of which will be of fundamental importance to researchers in the future. Seminars will also cover new fields to expand the student’s breadth of knowledge beyond their field of specialization, and science and technology paper presentation methods, which will teach students how to present a paper at an academic meeting and how to compile their research findings into an English-language article. We will also provide practical educational components by offering internship opportunities that students can use to earn independent research credits.

Characteristics of the Education and Research Fields

Students at the Hamamatsu Campus will focus on the scientific fields of electronics, optics, matter, and information, especially in relation to nanovision science, while students at the Shizuoka Campus will engage in international education and research activities in the fields of science, environmental science (focused on the study of agriculture while incorporating the study of engineering), and bioscience. These fields of specialization are consistent with the four key fields of science and technology highlighted by the Japanese government in a Cabinet decision dated June 4, 2004 (Life science, information and telecommunications, the environment, and nanotechnology/materials).