Our society is now facing a big turning point. Global issues such as energy, environment, population, disparity, clash of civilizations, and currency crisis are getting so serious that issue resolution by technologies and new value creation are getting urgent necessity at present.
Utilizing the Internet to connect professionals/alumni and students “empathically,” our graduate school promotes career support continuously by holding special lecture meetings for career development provided by leading professionals and business people in order to cultivate capable professionals who can work for the future world.

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Special lecture meeting for career development

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The 2nd meeting, “How will electronics industry change in the days ahead?” – Leading professionals/alumni talk about the future images of the industry, technology, and work –
Jan. 27, 2012

Mr. Takeshi Ekawa
President of Hamamatsu Kogyokai Association

“What is the necessary human resources and technology to create ‘ideas by value’?”
― You are the own actor to carve your career ―
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Mr. Yoshikazu Kato
Devices and Systems Development Center, Panasonic

“Improving your career with borderless skill makes you a key person”
― The advice from my experience of switching career from developing VTR to developing next-generation memory devices ―
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Mr. Yasuhiko Nishikubo
West Brain Corporation

“The power semiconductor leads environmental technology”
― Si to SiC, GaN and Diamond ―
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The 1st meeting, “Creating value in the field of information equipment system and service industry”
Dec. 15, 2011

Mr. Masahiko Murakawa

“What is needed for the industry of information equipment systems to develop globally?”
― The necessary types of human resources and technology development ―
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Mr. Kunio Matsui
Board member of technology of NIFTY Corporation/ Visiting Professor of Faculty of Information Science and Technology

“About value creation and the frontline of IT services”
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