(General Provisions)
Article 1.
Name: The name of this association shall be the Alumni Association for Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University.
Article 2.
Purpose: The purpose of the association is to promote friendship among members as well as to contribute to the alma mater and to the academic and cultural development at home and abroad.
Article 3.
Place: The association shall set up Secretariat within Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University.
Article 4.
The association shall carry out the following activities.
  1. Promoting the friendship and interaction among members.
  2. Contributing to the growth of the alma mater.
  3. Contributing to the academic and cultural development at home and abroad.
  4. Any other activities decided by Board Meeting in keeping with the purpose of the association.
Article 5.
The members of the association shall consist of Regular Members, Student Members, and Special Members.
Article 6.
Regular Members shall be the ones who completed the graduate school, Student Members shall be the current students, and Special Members shall be the current/former staffs of the graduate school. In addition, an individual who was enrolled in the school before and tenders a request or an individual who is recommended by Board Meeting can be Regular Member.
Article 7.
The membership fees shall be free.
Article 8.
The association shall install Board Meeting which shall have the following officers:
One Chief Secretary, a few Deputy Chief Secretaries, a few Secretaries (within/without school)
Article 9.
Chief Secretary and Deputy Chief Secretary shall be elected among the members at Board Meeting.
Secretary shall be delegated by Chief Secretary through consultation with Board Meeting.
Article 10.
Chief Secretary shall oversee the management and represent the association. Deputy Chief Secretary shall assist Chief Secretary, and perform Chief Secretary’s duties in case Chief Secretary is in an accident or a vacancy. Secretary shall control the affairs of the association and plan and carry the activities.
Terms of office of the board members shall be two years; however, re-election shall not be precluded.
Article 11.
Board Meetings shall be convened as needed. However, when deemed necessary by Chief Secretary, meetings can be convened flexibly. Board Meeting shall be organized with Chief Secretary, Deputy Chief Secretaries, and Secretaries. Chief Secretary shall perform the chairperson of the meeting. class=”wp-block-wp-yomigana-description”>
Article 12.
Proceedings of the meetings shall be resolved by the majority of attending members.
(Miscellaneous Provisions)
Article 13.
Regular Members shall report the affairs to Secretariat in case of the change of the address or others.
Article 14.
Constitution of the association shall be amended by the resolution of Board Meeting.
Article 15.
Board Meeting can set up byelaws.
(Supplementary Provision)
Established on March 7, 2014


Board Meeting Chief Secretary 1 people
Deputy Chief Secretaries Few people
Secretaries (within/without school) Few people
Regular Members Graduates
Student Members Current students
Special Members Current/Former staffs