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List of Departments

Department Major Educational / Research Field Capacity Campus
Nanovision Technology - Nano device and system in image engineering
- Photon and electron physics in nanoregion and its device applications
- Optical properties of polymers and dielectric materials in nanoregion
- Optoelectronics
13 Hamamatsu
Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science - Optical communication and sensing
- Optical waveguides and circuits
- Ultra-high density optical memory and information processing
- Quantum material properties and magnetic science
- Novel optical and functional materials
12 Hamamatsu
Information Science and Technology - Basics of informatics
- Computer network
- Software engineering
- Intelligent media processing
- Human interface
10 Hamamatsu
Environment and Energy System - Environment ecology
- Prospect of global environment change
- Material circulation
- Energy environmental science
- Manufacturing system engineering
7 Shizuoka
Bioscience - Genomics and proteomics
- Molecular and cellular morphology and embryology
- Chemical biology
- Bio-chemo informatics
- Bio-engineering
8 Shizuoka
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