In 2006, DDP was initiated in Shizuoka University and Warsaw University of Technology. DDP is the program which enables the student to obtain two kinds of doctoral degrees which are conferred by Shizuoka University and home university. DDP student enrolls in the both universities simultaneously and receive education and research guidance by supervisors in both universities. Supervisors discuss the educational and research plan closely and give academic advice to DDP student. DDP student will stay at each university in turn according to the research and education plan. The total enrollment period of doctoral degree course is about four years or longer depending on each circumstance. In this way DDP student will have a new home university (Shizuoka Univ. in Japan) as well as his home university in his home country. It helps him/her to have valuable international experience and more chances of employment.

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Global nano-biotechnology promotion based on Doubule Degree Program