Intention of establishing the Alumni Association

Picture of the Former Dean

 Eight years have passed quickly since Graduate School of Science and Technology was established in April, 2006. In this period, the school has produced over 230 graduates with degrees toward home and abroad. Because the graduate school is organized into 5 educational majors in natural science located in 2 campuses in Shizuoka and Hamamatsu, the alumni were cared by the undergraduate alumni associations of each department in each campus; we did not provide any alumni associations assembling all the alumni in the both campuses as the alumni of Graduate School of Science and Technology.

 Therefore, we will establish the Alumni Association for Graduate School of Science and Technology, and launch its website in the website of the graduate school. From now we will report various activities at Shizuoka University and Graduate School of Science and Technology to the alumni who completed the studies, and also report your recent words and events; we would like to provide the website as a place for interactive communication. The Constitution of the Alumni Association is put in the website for your glance.

 Please let us hear from you who have graduated and are currently enrolled in educational majors in natural science. We will appreciate your cooperation.

Mar. 2014, Masaaki Nagatsu
Former Dean(Apr. 2008-Mar. 2015), Graduate School of Science and Technology