The Graduate School of Science and Technology, Educational Division, based on its diploma policy, shall organize and implement its curriculum in accordance with the following policy.

  1. The school has introduced an assistant advisor system which instructors belonging to the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Research Division are in charge of, for foundational education compounding a diverse range of different fields and specialized and expert instruction.
  2. The school will provide specialist subjects incorporating rich contents and practical professional knowledge by selected lecturers at the front of their field in order to ensure research outcomes of an international standard.
  3. Foundational common subjects will be held to give short, intensive classes for the necessary knowledge to foster ethical perspectives with consideration to management abilities and human welfare, as required by researchers and engineers for the 21st century.
  4. The classes provided will stay in line with rapidly progressive scientific technology, with general theory to enable understanding of all research fields in each major (fundamentals compounding different fields), and subjects in new disciplines to teach fields where future development is expected.
  5. Special English courses are established with excellent foreign students actively accepted to foster fully international researchers and advanced engineers through a keen spirit of competition between Japanese and non-Japanese students.